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The University of Siegen has a strong research focus on visual computing, represented by chairs in Computer Graphics, Media Informatics, Ubiquitous Computing, Intelligent Systems, Computer Vision, and Visual Computing. This website introduces these visual computing chairs along with their main research foci.
Visual Computing is the core of the research and teaching activity at the Institute of Vision and Graphics. Visual computing encompasses all computer science disciplines that deal with images and 3D models, such as computer graphics, image processing, visualization, computer vision, machine learning, scene reconstruction, virtual and augmented reality, pattern recognition, and human-computer interaction. Common methods revolve around image acquisition, processing, analysis, synthesis, i.e. rendering and simulation. Application areas include industrial quality control, medical imaging, robotics, autonomous driving, virtual cultural heritage, special effects in film and television, and computer games. All of these application areas require the simultaneous and consistent integration of multiple solutions from the sub-fields of visual computing. Therefore, visual computing is more than just the sum of its sub-disciplines; it is the next step in solving real-world problems that require extracting information from images and communicating it through images using a computer.