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Computergraphik und Multimediasysteme

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The Chair of Computer Graphics and Multimedia Systems deals with all aspects of image synthesis, starting with the generation of 3D models of complex objects and scenes(modeling), the generation of geometric objects from real-world situations or abstract data fields (visualization), the simulation of visual natural phenomena and the physics-based illumination computation, up to efficient methods of image generation (rendering).

Andreas Kolb

Prof. Dr. Andreas Kolb 
email: andreas.kolb@uni-siegen.de
webpage: https://www.cg.informatik.uni-siegen.de

3D Reconstruction

3D Reconstruction

 Interactive real-time scene acquisition from hand-held depth cameras has recently developed much momentum, enabling applications in ad-hoc object acquisition, augmented reality and other fields. A key challenge to online reconstruction remains error accumulation in the reconstructed camera trajectory, due to drift-inducing instabilities in the range scan alignments of the underlying iterative-closest-point (ICP) algorithm.

Interactive Simulation and Rendering of SPH-based Fluids


Fast simulations of incompressible fluids in combination with a diffusive mass transport depend on many parameters: Interactive SPH utilizes small smoothing kernels, adaptive integration time-steps and adaptive sampling of particles. The overall goal is to maintain a consistent simulation while adapting particle resolutions.